December 31, 2002

Should auld acquaintance be forgot...?

Well, the lyrics usually are. Yes revellers, you've got a little over 12 hours left of 2002 and I'll bet that not one of you is properly equipped to sing 'Auld Lang Syne' at midnight. Well, here you go. If you're like me you'll have just discovered that you've never got a single line of that song right. Ever.

Perhaps this year will be different?

December 30, 2002

Getting organised

Having a damn good tidy is probably going to be another one of my new year's resolutions, assuming I can stop spending and drinking excessively long enough to do it. I'm sure I won't be the only one, and why not? It's a very sensible thing to do by all accounts.

It's just really dull. After a few hours you get bored and all the stuff that's been sitting in neat, organised piles on the sofa get dumped in the nearest empty-ish draw. 'I'll do you lot tomorrow...' you promise them. Only you never do.

I have a feeling something similar happened in Waterstones today. Distracted while reaching for a book on SOAP, I returned my attention to the title in my hands to discover (with something of a shock) that someone had put the erotic fiction section on the shelves next to the computing books. I mean, why? Some twisted psychological marketing ploy to get programmers to buy steamy novels? Or did someone just get bored and wander off when they should have been stacking shelves last night?

December 28, 2002


Like a lot of people I took a bit of a break from posting here over Christmas. Looks like my break was a little longer than everyone elses though! Never mind, back now. I'll keep this short because I'm nursing a special Saturday morning hangover with extra hurty-pain, following a night of completely unjustified revelry with James and Stu.

So, yes, Christmas. Fantastic. I now have a glass in which I can fit an entire bottle of wine, which will no doubt be extremely useful, a cappuccino milk frother so I don't have to blow bubbles in my Nescafe through a straw anymore, and some music to keep me entertained. Most notable among the new titles is the excellent Frou Frou album that Stuart has been nagging me to listen to for aaages. Well done mate.

December 24, 2002

Last chance

I sit here nevously chewing my lunch knowing full well that I still haven't totally finished my Christmas shopping, and I have to battle my way through the crowds in town later for the last few presents. It happens every single year and it's becoming as much a part of Christmas tradition for me as managing to pull crackers without them actually cracking, or failing to ever catch a girl while she's standing under mistletoe.

It isn't because I've been lazy and it's not because I'm forgetful. It could however possibly be because I'm a man, but this year being a stereotype may just be worthwhile. The sales just start earlier and earlier every year...

Lord of the Rings

Went to see 'The Two Towers' last night. It was good. Very good.

I think that's enough said on the subject.

December 20, 2002

And, breathe

No work for two weeks. Two whole weeks. This hasn't happened since, well, since last September when I started. I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself (immature and/or smutty suggestions are unnecessary).

Looking forward to seeing family, especially small sister, whos text messages I have been selfishly ignoring in the office this week while trying to make sure the plates keep spinning while I'm away. Sorry sis!

Fossy, Stu, it's time to break out the good beer: it's Christmas time and Davey's coming home...

December 16, 2002

End of year madness

Yesterday I very nearly found myself ordering one of these. Even though I promised myself I'd wait until after Christmas until I started buying new toys for myself, I was that close to a moment of weakness. Fortunately, I noticed this first. Funny how the nice lady in the phone shop didn't mention that, isn't it?

This sort or behaviour is typical of this time of year: I just start to do things against my better judgement, because I know that I'll probably wind up making resolutions to prevent me from doing them in the new year.

For a couple of months at least...

So anyway, this morning I sussed it: I'm going to start on some new years resolutions now. That way, it's not going to look quite so obvious when I suddenly start circuit training or investing in stuff. First up: managing money and drinking sensibly.

Staff party tomorrow. You know, maybe I'll start next Monday.

December 14, 2002


I wonder how that could have happened?

December 13, 2002

Dress coding

Tonight I shall be mostly drinkin' in Winchester to celebrate the end of a long and slightly trying week. For the next hour, I don't care whether or not the damn cat is dead. No, instead I will be considering the implications of that most trying of pre-night-out questions: 'trainers or shoes?'.

Prompted by one of my drinking collegues earlier (yes, collegue. This is a serious business...) I'm forced to wonder why I'm going to be sacrificing the comfort and roguish style of my trainers in favour of more formal foot dressing? Is it to impress the fairer sex, or is it just to impress the bouncers? After all, if we don't wear them for the bouncers, then we won't be able to see if there are any members of the fairer sex are in clubs in the first place. Maybe it'll be empty? Maybe they won't even exist unless we go in there and check?

I can't absorb quantum theory this fast. I'm going to start reading some Ben Elton or something.

Who needs a drink?

December 11, 2002

Quiet night

Crouched next to radiator, listening to Santana and in search of Schrodinger's cat.

What? I've got a busy weekend...

December 09, 2002


Made it to and from the gym without incident, althought the rustling in the bushes gave me flashbacks to '28 Days Later'. Still shivering, although I don't know whether it's from the fear or the cold.

Here's a link to the Ground Force website to go with that post earlier, for those of you who are foreign and are fortunate enough not to know who Alan Titchmarsh is (or for that matter, those of you who are British and even more fortunate to not know who Alan Titchmarsh is...).

Squirrels at dusk

I'm now going to attempt to go to the gym via the now darkened copse footpath. I must be cautious, as grey squirrels are apparently still active until after dusk, and I don't know whether they subscribe to the concept of daylight saving time or not. Perhaps I should wear a hat? Or a crash helmet?

New old desk

Found myself sitting at my old desk today in a refurbished office. Was a strange feeling with everything having that just-broken-the-shinkwrap feel to it. Hell, they'd even cleared the gunge out of the recesses in my phone.

On that subject, I have no idea how that gunge got there, but it seems accumulate on any white or white-ish office equipment: phones, keyboards, monitors, hole punches, whatever. It doesn't matter how hard you try to keep it clean: after a while it all winds up looking like Alan Titchmarsh's fingernails after a hard day gutting someone's back yard. You don't know where it comes from, so you sure as hell don't want to touch it. So you leave it, and it gets worse. I think that's why new PCs are all black, since dark stuff is seemingly immune to this effect.

Anyway, the gunge is all but gone, and the AC is on, which means that the office is finally at a bearable temperature, even though we're in the midst of a chilly spell. We can all look forward to a snug winter. Hurrah.

December 07, 2002

Gathering nuts

The squirrels around here seem to be behaving differently this year. They seem to have left their foraging right up until the last minute and are now descending from the trees en-mass like yuppies on the Gadget Shop on Christmas eve, trying to scrape up anything half-decent that might be left before it's too late.

Normally you only expect to see one or two of them on their own, but as I was walking to the gym earlier I came across no less than twenty within about a quarter of a mile, all moving with a purpose. It was quite sinister, like that scene in Star Wars when R2D2's in that canyon and all the Jawas are sneaking around in the shadows: I'd see a bushy tail poking out from a tree and it'd scuttle quickly behind the trunk.

What with the news last month about vicious psycho squirrels and kamikaze squirrels from last year I half expected one to drop down from the trees and take a chunk out of my head. Fortunately, I escaped unscathed. I guess news got around about what happens to squirrels that mess with us.

December 06, 2002

Or for the rest of us...

This is better. If ever your blog goes quiet for a while your readers may get a bit concerned. Well, now you can do something about it: Should you die, diedonline will let everyone know about it via your website. Much more useful, especially since it'll account for you faking your own death!

Amazing what google will give you as a sponsored link when searching for 'fuzzy pink penguins of death'. Ask no questions.

December 05, 2002

'Hi, Mum? Guess where I am...?'

Should you be convinced of your own moral cleanliness, you can hand over the email addresses of your nearest and dearest to Rapture Letters and have them send a message to them in the event of the Rapture occuring. (via Metafilter)

And this program will know how to send the letters how? Never gonna work...

December 03, 2002

Mobile migration

Over the last few months, everyone I know's been defecting. So now I'm free of my contract, what do I do? Do I play nice and let everyone call me cheaply, or do I cave under my current providers promises of free shiny gadgets with colour screens that play the Mission Impossible theme really well (and I mean really well)? Ooooo... I'm a weak soul.

I was kind of looking forward (in my geeky little way) of porting some small Java programs I've been playing with onto a phone. But apparently Orange have been a bit mean, with Smartphone developers by having them get their apps signed not only by Microsoft, but by them as well! Grrr! I hope they don't pull anything like that with their Java phones once they start coming out. Why have customisable phones that you can't really make your own?

December 02, 2002

Just in case

You can't help but feel a little nervous...

Grow up, 007!

Even that spanking new Aston Martin might have not be enough to give the ever juvenile Bond the advantage against young Harry Potter.

December 01, 2002

World Aids Day 2002

Today is World Aids Day.

World Aids Day: Link and Think

Link and Think...

Pinch, punch...

Despite my best efforts, my shopping attempts yesterday failed. Spent thirty minutes in near stationary traffic once I got into town trying to park, without much luck. 'Buy Nothing Day' was screaming 'RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!' at my ignorance, and after half an hour not moving I wasn't about to argue: I gave up.

Actually, it turned out to be quite a good thing. Filled the rest of the day by punishing myself down the gym, starting to tidy the house (I don't think it'll ever be finished) and working on my list of 'things that I wanted to do with this site but never did'. Fairly productive: I'll be buying nothing more often.