August 27, 2003

One year on

Of course, the real reason I'm posting tonight is that today is one year after the first post on greenhamster. I felt that I should say something to mark the occassion, but after several hours I just can't think of anything good. Nothing witty to say, no special message to share, nothing.

This being the case, I'm going to use the Paltrow/Berry Oscar-acceptance-speech technique, whereby the subject thanks one or two fairly obvious people, pauses in a moment of aweful reflection, and then breaks down crying like a great big girl.

So, I want to say thankyou to all of those websites that have inspired me over the last year, both for their excellent design and content. And a big thankyou to every single one of you who's visited this past year, because you're...

...'re all just I'm sorry...

(Rapturous applause. Dave exits stage right.)

Missing inaction

A slightly cryptic title for an otherwise uneventful post. The general silence of late has been due to a long-awaited but short-notice couple of days off following the bank holiday, into which I crammed as much recreational activity as possible. In brief...

Sunday I spent at Stuart's BBQ on the Island, where I learned how to relieve a shrimp of its shell (in order to eat it...). There's photographic evidence of my attendance here (I'm the one right in the middle of the picture).

Monday I went to the Isle of Wight Steam festival, where there were steam engines, classic vehicles and a bunch of men dressed up as knights demonstrating how to attack a cabbage using swords, axes and a variety of other medieval weaponry. There was also a well-stocked beer tent (which may at account in part for my recollection of the above...).

I spent the day with my sister and her baby on Tuesday, and then went out with family in the evening. Which brings us to today. See, you haven't missed much. Normal service will resume soon, so don't be touchin' that dial...

August 11, 2003

A little consistency

It's come to my attention that the the story that I linked to yesterday has been changed no less than three times in the last 24 hours. The title is different and the location named as the hottest has changed from Heathrow to Gravesend. Even the quote I took from it yesterday, which I used as the basis for my mildly amusing, not-entirely-witless title, no longer features on the page at all. You'd think the BBC, one of the biggest online services in the UK, would be more worried about keeping their news content consistent. I mean, this just isn't like them...

August 10, 2003

Warm, with a strong draught

On the hottest weekend in recorded British history, we've been lucky enough to escape water shortages and hose-pipe bans.

But seeing as an 'extra three million pints of beer are expected to be have been downed across Britain over the weekend' we might find ourselves running low on San Miguel for the next few days.

And we should probably feel a little bad for all those people at Heathrow today. Having spent all that money to get away for some sun, they've been left sweltering in the hottest part of the whole country. We should feel sorry for them, but the weather's just too darn nice to feel bad about anything! Happy holidays, suckers!

August 04, 2003

I will never watch Legally Blonde 2 again.
I will never watch Legally Blonde 2 again.
I will never watch Legally Blonde 2 again.
I will never watch Legally Blonde 2 again.
I will never watch Legally Blonde 2 again.
I will never watch Legally Blonde 2 again...

...repeat ad infinitum.