July 27, 2004

Testing Times

From a conversation I had this afternoon.

Developer: Could we test it in part of the application that doesn't get used very often? You know, just in case it doesn't work?

Dave: Oh I get it. It's like you're buying new carpet mousse and you want to test it on the bit under the cupboard before you do the whole room.

Developer: Sort of, but it's more like we're employing the acid-drooling thing from Alien as a housekeeper.

Dave: You guys don't expect this to work do you?

Developer: ...yes?

This is why I hate being on overnight callout...

July 13, 2004

Quick Fix

Dear Jim,

Please can you fix it for there to be more hours in the day.

Not many. In fact, one would do...

(age 24)

July 01, 2004

The words you're about to read will read like a blog entry that's just been shoved out on stage looking tired, dishevelled and totally unprepared. Its hair is a mess, its not wearing matching socks and it has to come up with something witty to say. Like, right now.

Actually, the whole site is a bit like that really. It's having a bit of a makeover at the moment. It's been one of those changing rooms style gigs where they tear an entire house apart to fit a new staircase into a bungalow, so you may find it wearing the odd item in last seasons colours. Still, it deserves the effort. I was getting the impression that the site was after a bit of a spring clean having been wearing the same design for over a year.

It would happen that the day I decide to make a triumphant return to the Internet would be the day that everyone and its dog are telling me that I shouldn't be using Internet Explorer, but I was feeling suitably patched this morning. So having sealed up all my open ports with gaffer tape, I waded in.

Sorry about the whole month off thing. It was totally unplanned and a little bit rude really. Like the man who goes on holiday and forgot to ask the neighbour to feed the cat, I probably shouldn't have been surprised when the weblog ate itself this morning. This ought to keep it going while I catch you up over the next few days on the last month's goings on. It's been a crazy ride, with action, danger, romance, tension, the works. Can't wait to tell you about it.

But for now it's late. It's good to be back.