March 26, 2005

Other high profile returns

This weekend I'm surrounded by three groups of people. One is concerned with the annual return of the Easter bunny leaving a trail of tin-foil wrapped sugary temptation, another is reflecting on the miracle of Jesus returning to life. The third is anticipating the end of one of televisions most conspicuous absences.

I'm not a big TV watcher, but like most people else I have 'my programmes', and I don't like to be disappointed. That said, I'm trying not to have massively high expectations for this new season of the classic sci-fi, just because I didn't watch enough episodes of the old one to justify them.

Whenever sequels and remakes (or re-imaginings, as is the current trend) of popular shows and movies show up, suddenly everyone's a critic. I can just see the articles now about how the new series either captured or lost the essence of the classic series, probably written by the same people who hated the new Battlestar Galactica pilot because they made Starbuck a woman. A lot of them probably were probably too young (as I am) to remember the very first series, and aren't inclined to have caught up with it on the sci-fi channel. I'll bet their favourite James Bond was Roger Moore as well. Grr.

I know this post doesn't make me look good. I'd like to tell people I was in that second group, and tomorrow, I'll make sure my mind is in the right place. But for the next few hours at least, I'll be waiting for The Doctor.

March 22, 2005


There's always a danger of slipping into routine, doing what you've always done because they're easy, and accepting things because they're there. Coming back after a long absence, you see things with fresh eyes. Alright, so I'm a day late. I didn't post yesterday because I was going over some old posts, noticing some nasty habits that I've fallen into over the last year.

For example, I have a tendency to blog small-talk, with a particular slant toward the Great British weather. You know what the weather's like outside, you don't need me to tell you about it. So I'm going to try and stop.

I'm also going to take an editor to this layout. When it went up I really liked it, mostly because the clean and tidy minimalism around the words was a nice departure from the state of the house around me. It's not great, it's not terribly inventive, but if you keep looking at the same thing day after day, you start to accept it.

Similar experience today: there was this chap in ASDA car park, advertising his new car washing gizmo by cleaning the same car for five hours. He had such enthusiasm too, but I couldn't tell how much of it was due to general belief in what he was selling, or the act that he'd been staring at the same car (which was probably clean about 5 days ago) with the same plasticky gadget for so many hours in so many days that he'd forgotten what a really dirty car looked like.

Anway, they say a change is as good as a rest. Call me greedy, but I've had a rest, and now I'm going to have a change as well. Complaints to the usual address.