Comments: Rock, hard place, penknife

It's a great story alright.

You'd have to hope that the knife in question was something a bit more substantial than the pen knife they claim. I had mine out today, lined it up with my forearm, and quickly decided that I wouldn't have the patience or the stomach to amputate someone else's arm with it, let alone my own.

On the other hand, your standard Swiss Army knife comes with all the blades required to successfully administer an amputation, all be it a slow one. Those scissors would make short work of any tendons and the saw would be just the ticket for those pesky bones.

Posted by littleboy at May 4, 2003 12:56 AM

Never thought of it that way. Couple it with a lighter and a bottle of Bourbon and you've got your own little field surgery kit right there. No job too small....

Thinking about it, he must've had a job closing it with one hand after he'd finished. He could have something off like that!

Posted by Dave at May 4, 2003 08:21 PM

I have been confronted with using a swiss army penknife to saw up bone before - not my own thankfully - it was a deer and it was dead. The point is - they are bloody useless, I ended up having to hang the carcass in a tree while I walked for 8 hours to the nearest village to buy a BIG knife so that I could at least have something to eat when I got back. The moral of this story is - dont settle for compact unless you have the time and the patience. I bet you the guy on that rock would have given anything for a bread slicer or meat cleaver.

Posted by James at May 12, 2003 06:40 PM