Comments: Disturbing frequency

Where are you?
Why are you not posting?

Are you dead?

(If so, no need to reply, and my condolences.)

Posted by Stuartus Profundis at June 5, 2003 02:29 PM

He is Lord Lucan and I claim my 5.

Actually, I'll give it to Ben because he was the first to notice this startling resemblence.

Posted by Jo at June 5, 2003 04:26 PM

Sorry, I got stuck in the bathroom for two weeks and have been living off soap shavings and toothpaste.

I'm back now. And minty fresh.

Posted by Dave at June 5, 2003 11:43 PM

Just minty I would say.

Posted by younis at June 12, 2003 03:22 PM